Thursday, March 12, 2009

the one with the binky boo boo

With age comes responsibility. Which in turn, when you turn two its time to say bubye to the binky. Addison only had the binky at night, most of the time she was very good about putting the binky "nunight" after she got up, but let me tell you she DID love that thing. I knew she would only grow to love it more and more with each month we let her love affair deepen. I don't think either one of the children would have bought the "binky fairy" story, nor would they believe we simply lost it. Which only leaves us with one option..... CUT IT OFF! Thats right as MEAN as it may sound thats exactly what I do, I cut the nipple off the binky and when she asked for it I showed her the broken binky. She was perplexed and said "binky boo boo?" "Yes Binky boo boo" we told her. She wanted to see her collection of binkies, surely they all didn't get a boo boo together. She was wrong, must have been some tragic binky accident. ;)

Rest assure, Addison is doing great without them. She has cried 5-10 mins every night when we lay her down and then she is out for the rest of the night. Really has gone amazingly well!


Laramie said...

Very Sweet. Glad it's going well. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your photography is always great. I'm getting my layouts up and out into some gallery's.

heather0124 said...

i can't believe how big the girls are!!! they are just lovely=) stay in touch!!! i've joined the blogger craze!!!

Anonymous said...

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