Sunday, April 19, 2009

The one with the Easter celebration!

We had an amazing Easter this year! Church was amazing!
Both the girls really enjoyed the whole day this year.
I have to say though getting the girls ready in the morning really made me reflect on their personalities. Jaden wore her pink dress we got her for wicked, its what every little girl I ever knew wanted as a child.
Its HUGE, ..
its FLUFFY,..
its PINK...
and most of all,
... it TWIRLS..!
Every girl that is until I met AddyBug. I put her in a dress and shew wanted to tear it off from the moment I put it on her, so I found one less HUGE, FLUFFLY and with not much twirl factor that she though she could STAND if she had too. I had some cute little Easter shoes to go with it, did she want to wear those? NOPE! Keens please! YOu know maybe... there is a rock she wants to climb on the way, she wants to be prepared!

Jaden is old enough now that I usually put her in charge of a dish. This time it was strawberry shortcake (for dessert) she did an amazing job! This knife is perfect b.t.w for little kids who would like to help its plastic and doesn't cut little fingers. All I have to say is these were SUPER yummy!! P.S. This is Addys new face whenever I pull out the camera, charming eh?

And while I was looking through all the pictures from Easter this picture cracked me up! This is Jonathans sister Victoria and her fiance Nick, and I have NO idea why Jaden is so perturbed.


PeaceLoveHappiness said...

All charming and darling, as always!

Laramie said...

Love your pictures and the story is awesome. Your two sound like night and day. Makes life interesting.

Giselle said...

Nice blog!

odd facts said...

I love twirly dresses!

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