Sunday, March 8, 2009

the one when she turns two

I can not believe you have turned two. It was two years ago I first got to look in your eyes and see an exact replica of your father, it was like having a little mini J!
WE have all loved getting to know you over the past two years.
Here are a few of your favorite things!
TWO favorite words:

TWO favorite foods:

TWO favorite things to do:
Play with sister

TWO favorite toys:
any purse
any fancy shoes

TWO favorite places to go:
CA to see Grammys and Papa!

Our TWO favorite things about you:
Your sweet smile and your caring heart!
We love you sweetie pie happy birthday!

TWO pigtails!

TWO converse!

"TWO" sweet!

Practicing being TWO! I love Jaden is having her own little rock concert in the background!

The big TWO!! Auntie Tori made this beautiful cake!

Thank you Lindsey! She loves them!

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Laramie said...

Thanks. I loved to Birthday Photo's, so great. I'll stop by on occasion to check out your blog.