Wednesday, February 18, 2009

<3 Friday Love Letters <3 2/14 for Addison

When I think of love and I think of Addison, there are some obvious ones, she loves her sister, she loves her daddy and me (most of the time! ;) but there is one thing she loves that she must soon part with (ok fine her MEAN mommy is cutting the TIPS off of them for her 2nd birthday, well not ON her birthday but shortly there after, lets face it shes far too stubborn for the "binky fairy" to pay us a visit!). I thought I would capture the pure bliss she experiences with it before its gone forever (or until she finds the stash she hid in her sock drawer!

You have fallen in love. Head over heels! Not for a special teddy bear or a certain blanket, no. Its for this pink binky. When you see it your whole face comes to life and your smile is HUGE. When offered another binky you look at it as if it is so below you to suck on a binky. But this pink binky makes your head spin with such glee! As we approach your2nd birthday I know its time to cut you off soon. But for now I will let you swoon in your new found love!

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PeaceLoveHappiness said...

Beautiful! Love the approach you took here!