Monday, February 16, 2009

<3 Friday Love Letters <3 2/14 for Jaden

So technically this is from Sat. but since we started this project for Valentines I thought it only appropriate! Here is my first page for the love letter project to Jaden. It is very much forcing me to journal more on my pages which was EXACTLY the goal! :)

A Day in the City.
One of my favorite things about you getting older are days like these. February 14th 2009: we went to see WICKED in San Francisco with Papa Vic, Grammy K, Aunt Victoria and Nick. Before the play you wanted to get all dressed up so we found this beautiful dress for you to wear. We all went to lunch at Buccas and afterwards you skipped through the city on that drizzly day as though it was a perfect spring afternoon. We had listed to the soundtrack to Wicked for several weeks prior so I had to remind you as we were watching the show to sing to yourself. As we entered the theater I could see your little mouth drop with excitement. When the lights dimmed and the show began I watched your face as the play lived up to all your expectations and beyond. You sat through the three hour play with the same look of pure contentment until the very end, when you were so sad it had ended. AS we were leaving the theater the actress who played Glenda (with a GA!) came out to sign your playbill. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. I love moments like these with you my sweet daughter, and I will forever cherish them.

--------> Just a side note, Addison's will be up next! :)

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Keli said...

Wow, you do beautiful work!! And I really love the pictures. Sounds like a wonderful day :)