Monday, September 8, 2008

On the move, yes again!!!!!!

Its insane how many time we have moved, and yes once again we are on the move!!!!!
I will post all the details on the other side of the move but for now we MUST post WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to everyone who participated!
For the Trader Joe's bag,CONGRATS!!!!!Andrea!! I will be emailing you for details!
Now for the yummy and delicious PB&E goodies...
Catherine !!!!!!!!!!!!
YOu are the lucky winner of 2 natural Grae's or Molly's (you pick size and serging color). CONGRATS! And thank you to AMY for making this possible!!!!!

**WE will have a one week lapse in our WAHM Wedneday posting due to the move but I AM SUPER excited about the next WAHM I have lined up... shes a SWEETIE!!!!!!!!!!!**

Alright! Signing off from WA.....


Keli said...

Good luck with your move -- I hope everything goes smoothly for you guys!

PeaceLoveHappiness said...

Happy moving!