Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Confession Time......

Here it is. Time to lay it all right out there on the table. THIS is the time I normally give up. Half way. I want to continue. I need to continue, I need to break away from those bad habits! I lost 38 lbs and while that is nice, its not enough. I need to continue to be healthy and happy. I can do this and I will do this!!!! I have joined forces with a couple new people in this Marisa and Barbie, we are all hoping to lose @ least 30 lbs so together I have faith we can. I will always have Rochelle right there by my side cheering me on as well!! Thank you for your support and I hope it will continue!

On a different note.

Please keep Rochelle and her family in your prayers. She is an amazingly strong young woman, but prayer is ALWAYS a good thing! Her Brother Richard is now in Heaven and we are all celebrating his life, please join us! -we love you too Flora - you will always be fluorescent in her heart!!! :)


geetabean said...

You can do it girl! The last 20-30 pounds are always the hardest, but it IS so worth it. Hey, in a couple months (after this baby) I may join you! Whenever you start having temptation just remember what it feels like to slip into a pair of jeans that look HOT on you! Good luck!

Jennifer Lynn said...

I'll cheerlead for you too! You look fabulous and there will be some hard days here and there but you CAN do this!

I have the summers off and so school winding down - while in town the other day - I bought some new running shoes myself. I intend on losing this summer too instead of just talking about it.