Monday, April 28, 2008

Skinny Soup

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I got this amazing recipe from the growing small blog. Anything called "skinny soup" I HAD to try in my final week of the competition!! HELLO!!!!
It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOooooOOOOOoooOOOO yummy and filling! WOWZERS!

Skinny Soup

1 small head of cabbage
4-6 carrots
2 bell peppers (use 2 different colors- just for the variety)
1 medium onion
23 ounces V-8 juice ( I used the HOT AND SPICY to give it a little kick!)
Garlic to taste
1 teaspoon pepper or to taste1 15 oz. can tomatoes (the petite diced)
1 15 oz. can green beans
Cut first 4 ingredients into bite size or larger pieces; put in Dutch oven (or crock pot) and add juice, garlic and pepper. Cut until vegetables are done. (Cabbage will add more liquid as it cooks down). Add canned tomatoes and green beans. Continue to heat until hot. Not necessary to add salt, it is already in the canned vegetables.
The above recipe is Zero points (for those of us on weight watchers), you can add 1 lb. of lean ground beef (no more than 7% fat) and count 1 point per bowl

OH!! Someone pointed out I SHOULD mention the soup isn't as pretty as the picture AFTER you cook it! STILL yummy though!!!!


RobinW said...

Neat blog! I worked with a girl who loved that skinny soup. Every time she wanted to lose a few pounds, she went on that for a week. It worked! and she said she felt heathier for it :)
Good luck with it!

PeaceLoveHappiness said...

I am getting the stuff to make this tonight! I have been looking for a recipe like this for a while... this sounds yum-o! Thanks for posting!

Mary said...

LOL, about the pretty comment, I totally agree and yes it's delic ;) Thanks for motivating me to become a lil bit more healthier.