Saturday, September 29, 2007

Back to work

As most of you know I have started back to work. I work at the nursery @ the YMCA and I am loving it! We have a lot of fun there and the best part? Addison comes with me! Its just part time which allows me to be involved in Jaden's school etc etc etc. So that is going very well.
Jaden is still loving every thing about school. She came home the other day and said that she needed to give her phone number to LEO because he was going to "TAKE HER OUT SOMETIME" lol! Oh gesh I thought I had a couple years until I would have to have this conversation with Jaden. When I asked where he would take her she said a movie and ice cream! You should have seen Jonathan's expressions! You can only imagine!!!

Addison is getting her first TOOTH, its broken through!!!!!! Shes having a hard time getting them in poor thing. Will take pics as soon as you can see them!! :)

Two layouts this week. Larger versions with credits can be found here @ DST

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PeaceLoveHappiness said...

Love the new layouts! I am sure that Leo will only be the first of many hearts Jaden breaks. I certainly would love to be a fly on the wall when someday a boy comes to pick Jaden up for a dance or something... oh to see Jonathan's face!