Saturday, November 3, 2007

I have been a bad blogger!!!!

I am so sorry! Wow its been so long since I have blogged last. Okay lets just be honest... Mel I am sorry! ;)

What happened to October???? It went by so fast!
Okay a random quote and a few non Halloween layouts is all your are getting out of me today!!! :) I will be back with Halloween pictures I promise!!!

Now for the random quote:
ME: Jonathan don't let Jaden wear her costume to school
Jonathan: Why?
Me: Because they are not allowed to
Jonathan: Why?
Me: Because its not P.C.
Jonathan: Why?
Jaden: Its not P.C. its P Q R S T

lol WHO sounds like the 5 year old in that conversation with all the "WHY"s?

Okay on to some layouts!
All Layouts can be seen larger with credits here @ DST

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PeaceLoveHappiness said...

I LOVE your pages.. they all have such depth to them! Your girls are growing so quickly! They are both so beautiful! I want to see the Halloween pics.