Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursdays seem to be my blog day!

We have had a wonderful week!!! Jaden enjoyed her first week of school, shes making a lot of friends and enjoying her homework (*I* will enjoy that while it lasts!!)
Addison and I started @ The YMCA and we are really enjoying that. One of the other staff members has a little girl born on the EXACT same day as Addybug so they are friends.
We are getting ready for J's birthday. Jonathan FULLY ENJOYED "talk like a PIRATE day" 9/19. He DRESSED like a Pirate all day as well! LOL :) He kept announcing that it was an "international holiday" for some reason it made it less far fetched in his mind!
He said Jaden was so proud of me because she kept telling everyone that it was pirate's day and that is why my Daddy is dressed like a pirate. I had to gently tell him she just didn't want her friends to think her Daddy was crazy. Live and learn. :)

Here are some recent layouts. I was asked to be on another creative team with Karah Fredricks @ Blue Flombingo, I am super excited to be working with her!!

** All credits can be found in my gallery **

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BrynnMarie82 said...

Congrats on Karah's team!!