Sunday, March 14, 2010

The one with the Rainbow Play-doh!

Hiya all! For some odd reason I LOVE rainbow crafts this time of year!!! I had posted a picture on FACEBOOK with pictures of our rainbow play-doh we made with our Pre-K friends and got tons of requests for a mini tutorial! Sorry gals... I didn't think that far ahead so I don't have step by step pictures, but I can do my best to explain the process to you! :)
First off, you must start out with a tried and true play-doh recipe!

Play Dough Recipe:

1 cup white flour
1/2 cup salt
2 tablespoon cream of tartar (find it in the spice section)
1 tablespoon oil
1 cup water
food coloring

Combine all the ingredients over MED heat in a pot. Some recipes will tell you to cook this until its super thick and looks like... well like PLAY-DOH! No DON'T do it!!!!! Go against all your natural instincts and take it off the heat the moment it looks like mashed potatoes. If you cook it too long it will dry out and will be super crumbly. Once you take it off the heat knead it for about 5 minutes on a floured surface. You will think to yourself "OH NO I pulled it off the heat to early its never going to turn out" THAT is how you know it will be perfection in the end!!!!

Okay now down to this rainbow business! I was making rainbow play-doh for 25+ kids. I wanted each child to have their own little rainbow and not have to use anyone elses " rain cloud " what we called it once all the colors mixed. So I doubled this recipe. Once I had it all kneaded out I divided it into 6 (I believe rainbows are supposed to have 7 colors but you get the idea!) different balls of dough. To each ball I added a different color of the rainbow and kneaded until it was bright and fun!!

Next...I rolled out each ball into a long strip ( I would estimate about 6 inches wide by 16 inches long). Once I had all the balls rolled out I put them right next to each other in a long line. I arranged them in order I wanted the colors of my rainbow ( apparently my rainbow is backwards, but that is perfectly fine with me!) Then I rolled it up like one long cinnamon roll. Once we were ready to play I simple cut off a portion for each child, every child had a slice with all the colors! It was perfect!

Enjoy! If you make this PLEASE POST PICS and send me the link! I can't wait to see your rainbows!!!!


cherryberry said...

You rock my dear. Can I come live with you? :)

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