Friday, February 5, 2010

The one with a new year - 2010!

I decided I didn't need to make a huge welcome back to my blog post. Not because I wanted to sneak back into the blogging world, but simply because things like that stress me out! So lets just pretend like we have all been here all along. Okay?
Just for fun lets do a little catch up!
J- I am so proud of him! He is currently in his second semester at TMCC! I think this might ACTUALLY be the time we get through this college thing! He is also working with youth through the boys and girls club.
S- Also in full time college and working with my Pre-K kids over @ JKLC and feeling VERY blessed there! Loving being on the CT @ The Lilypad, it has really encouraged my creativity.
j- Is in 2nd grade and loving every moment of it. This year she has also started in the girl scouts and thanks too all of you is rounding up some awesome cookie sales!
a- Doing great in preschool and thinks Mickey Mouse is ALL hers! ( Minnie who?) She is turning three soon,.... when did that happen?

Grammy K helped us with this fun project for Valentine's day it was super fun and super cheap! I just adore it!
P.s. Brighter= Brighten opps!

I am still learning flicker so the promised pictures are below! :)

I have some other fun Valentine's projects I will be posting in the next couple of days so keep a look out!


knalywaiko said...

Yeah!!!!!! Your back,this grammy thanks you!!! XOX

Anonymous said...

good one! i just brought tons of different emo backgrounds at my blog

Christie Mumm said...

Super happy to see yoy popping up in my reader again!!

Super cute pix!! LOL

Marisa said...

Love it! :-) glad to see some pix back! I want to come see your house one day - I'm sure it's super creative and bright and cheerful!

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