Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The one with how to BLOG! :)

WOW!! I never thought I would have such an overwhelming response to my last post! I got a ton emails!!!! You know I don't KNOW Oprah right!?!? LOL Like I can't get you in! LOL ;) No in all truthfulness I had a dozen or so people write back and ask about how to start a blog. See I thought that post would be a dud considering no actual pictures of O but now... I know you all are a bunch of pastry lovers, its okay come out of the closet now we don't judge here! ;)

So this is a great question! I started blogging as a way to keep family and friends who wanted to keep up with the kids up to date! I also throw in some digital scrapbooking, cloth diapering, photography yumminess in there as well! YOu just never know what may pop up! I am not a writer by any means, I just type as I am talking to a bunch of family and friends. So certainly those who enjoy writing and are good at it would do a much better job! But I suppose thats the joy of a blog you can make it whatever you want! :)

How to get started! Here are some great places that offer a place to host a free blog!
Blogger (this is what I use)
LiveJournal (a lot of people I know use this and love it)

Typepad - This is not a free service from what I understand. But I have many friends that use it and love it and wouldn't blog anywhere else! :)

Why Blog?! Like I said I use it mainly as a central place for anyone who wants to see the lastest and greatest (or sometimes not so great! LOL) from our family. I also find myself using it almost like a journal. I always wanted to keep a journal and would get to a week or two and just quit, loved to buy them but the commitment killed me! :) Here I can spill my guts, share my glory all in one place! I love you guys, I get so much support on here.

I had a couple people ask how to beautify your blog!
Well I am not sure I am the right person to ask. See my blog header?!?!? Its still from FALL!!! Hello here we head into spring I need to beautify my blog as well.
But to get you started here are some ideas!
First of all I can only speak from a "blogger" perspective since I have not used any of the other services listed above. But in blogger there are different templates available.
Also if you goggle blog templates there are a ton that pop up!
Blogger Templates 1
Blogger Templates 2
Blogger Templates 3

But to tell you the truth I mainly use digital scrapbooking to beautify my blog so I can personalize it with pictures and stuff. Most of the things I use are from designers I have worked with in the past! :)
Karah Fredricks
Jacque Larsen
Amy Wolff

So there you have it! If you have any futher specific questions either leave them in the comments section or email me and I will post answers here on the blog so that all the other baby bloggers can see!!!
Okay so now that I have dedicated a whole post to my baby bloggers I want to see the blogs when you make them and I will link them up on my site! :) Love you guys!

Now for the grandparents because they get a little testy when they don't get to see pictures of the girls (even though the littest one is with them right now!) ....
This was when we were in San Fran after Wicked we had a little walk to the car. No problem when you have Papa!!!! How cute are they together?!

And here is AddaBug. She hoped in this thing one morning when I was about to go shopping. Awwww I cute I thought to myself! She wants me to take her shopping. No Sir! I later found out Daddy pickes it up by the handles (with her still in it!) and twirls her around in circles! Who needs Disneyland when you have DADDY!

ps Friday Love Letters are behind... blame J everyone else is ahead of the game!

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