Monday, February 9, 2009

No pictures, No movies, No pages of scrap yumminesss.... just me! :)

Hiya all!
So J got me this wonderful FLIP camera for my birthday!! Isn't it cute? ANd while I ADORE it, I need a better video editing prgram. I would like ones thats easy to add differnt types of music to as well as fade in and out the music to hear the talking on the video when I so desire! :) Would also love all the other goodies like basic editing capabilities etc. So what do you suggest for me *cough*MATTHEW*cough* or any of my other video editing friends out there. *knock knock anyone there?*
So if you have any ideas send them my way! :)

I WILL be uploading at least a picture or 2 this Friday will our first installment on <3 FRIDAY LOVE LETTERS! <3.
Our extended family is taking turns each Friday writing love letters to each of the girls. I plan to scrap each of the letters along with a picture from that week, and at the end of the year collect them to print in a book. I can't wait to see how this project will turn out!

Short News from the Nalys:
All the girls had a tummy flu this weekend, Jaden is the only person I KNOW who could make me laugh as we are both in the bathroom at midnight.
Addison has learned to RUN... okay a light jog. I know you are thinking yeah shes NEARLY two whats the big deal but this is from the girl who waited until she was 14 months to walk. Come on people its time to celebrate!
J is steadily preparing for his big wheel competition (yes you heard me right) when he isn't at his Dodgeball tournaments. Really its a good thing he works with YOUTH!~ :)
*I* am super excited to go to CA this weekend to go to WICKED with the LADIES!!! Including JADEN who has now memorized the soundtrack! (I am sure those around us will find it as cute as I do?)

Till Friday! Have a good one! :)

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