Saturday, January 24, 2009

One of my FAVORITE Photographers!!!

Is Christie Mumm of JLM Creative shes SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO talented and just the sweetest person around!
On this beautiful day we were headed to CA for Thanksgiving, Addy was crying the WHOLE time, it was drizzling, and we had an hour. This is what I am talking about, she can work miracles!!!!
This slide show does not do the quality of the pictures justice! But you can get an idea!!!!

Things are going well here!
Jonathan just got back from a mission trip to CA with the Jr Highers. He is at church tonight for a youth concert, so you know life is tough for him... *wink*wink*.
Jaden is enjoying her 6 weeks off track (she is in year-around school and gets Jan, May and September off of school).
Addison is gearing up for those "terrible twos" and not wasting a moment! :)
I am enjoying my job, getting in the swing of things! It is the first time I have worked full time out of the home since Jaden was 3 but I think we are all handling it well! Because of less time at home I have sadly dropped out of my creative teams online as well as stopped designing logos, so that has cut down on my online time which has lead to less blogging. I am hoping to get caught up a bit here and start creating again! So I will be back! I promise!!!!


rachel whetzel said...

Awesome pictures!! Soooo where is it you're working!?!?

PeaceLoveHappiness said...

Love, love, LOVE the new pics! Jaden is sure maturing and Addy is just plain adorable as always! And you sure are looking thin! Thanks for posting! =)

Christie Mumm said...

Awww Shanna Shanna bo banna, your so sweet! This is really cute and thank you for the compliments and the plug! Miss seeing you, we need to get together for some sushi and conversation~~~~! See you soon!