Friday, June 6, 2008

WOW summer is here?

When did this happen. As I type this I am minutes away from picking up JADEN from her last day of Kindergarten! Its insane. Shes a FIRST GRADER. This year went by so fast. Her school was such a blessing, she learned so many things there. I will post pictures of her with her award when she gets home.

On another note, we have started to use CLOTH DIAPERS! I know can you believe it? I sure can't! I didn't want to say anything to quickly, I wanted to make sure I liked it first!!!!! But I LOVE IT!!! Addison is reacting really well to it! Jonathan is even being supportive!
Some pics for you!!!! This diaper was made by my friend Sara her store is here!

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your summmer!!!!! ITS RAINING here!!! LOL!

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PeaceLoveHappiness said...

It's raining here too! Those are some adorbale booty covers lady! Although, anything on that baby would be adorable! I am going to be ordering some of those diapers. I love the birdie print one! So glad you blogged today... I am always waiting. =) You so rock!