Saturday, June 14, 2008

I am raising a genius or 2!

I love my girls, I love watching how they take on the world! Their take on things, its so fun.
J has been SUPER busy working, actually we both have but since I take the girls to work with me I get to enjoy these moments with them.

The other day we were driving my a house with 2 chimneys, here was the conversation between Jaden and myself:
Mommy why does that house have 2 chimneys?
Why do YOU think Jaden?
Maybe its a duplex?
Yep hun I think you are right about that
Or Maybe they have two fireplaces to keep warm
Yes that could be it as well
Or MAYBE they have ONE to keep warm and ONE for MaRsHmElLoWs!!!!
Yes hunny that MUST be it!

Oh so cute!

Then Addison oh my sweet little baby Addison!!!
I have watched her closely over the past couple of days, orginally I thought she was just taking a little longer to develop some skills such a as talking. UM NO this is not the case. I have watched her and she has figured out to get by in life she only needs three tools of communication.
Of course there is crying, we all know how that works!
Nodding. She gets SOOOOOOOOOO much conversation through nodding her head "yes" or "no" people think its so cute and she gets so much attention for this.
And the most genuis of them all.... the simple often overlooked word "HI".
This is really the only word she uses @ her ripe old age of 15 months (she will say the rare "Daddy") but the USES for this word are ENDLESS!!!!! Let me show you (I have learned from the master aka=Addy!)
-Obviously; someone walks by "Hi" someone leaves "hi" people often think shes saying "bye" and just think THIS is adorable, EVERYONE says "HI" to her knowing she will return the favor.
-She wants a toy someone else has, she walks over to them looks up @ them with her blue blue eyes and says "HI" AS SHES taking the toy, the poor child never saw it coming.
-She hears ME say "Addison LEE" in my motherly voice and she once again looks up @ me and says "HI" as in hi mommy what could I possibly of done to deserve the middle name call?
- Another kid is in her "bubble" (she likes her space!) and she wants them out of her "bubble" shes says "HI HI HI HI HI HI HI" as in Hi-YA! As she bonks them on their head over and over again.
- She sees something she wants to eat "HI" as in hello come hither.
- She is rocking out in the back seat to some tunes on the radio she sings in perfect tune "Hi, HIHI, HHI HI HI" as in music to my hears.
This girl, what am I going to do with her. She is going to get by in life in a very minimalistic approach and a side of charm! ;) - Hum reminds me of a certain Uncle I know! ;)

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meems said...

hey girl, feel like i haven't seen you around much. hope all is well. happy 4th of July!

your girls sound so adorably clever :)

Jennifer Lynn said...

Hey Shanna! I've been missing you. I hope all is well and you are enjoying your summer!