Monday, June 9, 2008

Goofy pictures of my goofy girls!

I must start this off by saying I LOVE MY NEW CANON REBEL!!! Unfortunately its out of commission and even though I always loved our old Canon, taking pics with it makes me realize why I needed my NEW ONE!!!! SOooo I cant wait to have it back, in the mean time just look @ the subjects not the technical side of the photos! THANKS!
Today Jaden went to the dentist, when I asked to see her pearly whites this is what I saw on the other end of the camera.

After Dinner I asked Addy if she liked it, this is what I saw on the other side of the camera!

LOL this picture cracks me up, it was right before Jaden's first motorcycle ride with Jonathan, I guess she was nervous and didn't want me to take a picture. Just F.Y.I. she LOVES it now and NEVER EVER EVER wants to ride in the car again! "Faster Daddy FASTER!"

Talk to you soon! Thanks for stopping by!

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