Saturday, May 17, 2008

Speed Demon?

ME?!! Its not as adventurous as you may think! LOL I was @ my 8:30am spin class on this GLORIOUS sunny day!!! As I was getting off my bike one of the "pro" riders came up to me and said she really admired my SPEED!!!!!!!! I looked around, sure she was talking to the person behind me. She said you really get going on this sprints you little SPEED DEMON. I just laughed and said thank you. This REALLY touches me because when Rochelle and I first started we couldn't sprint if our LIVES depended on it! Rochelle has gotten really great at it, she has her stance and gets in the zone. I am touch and go but lately have been trying a lot harder, so the fact she complimented me on my SPEED of all things astounds me!!! Thanks fellow spinner!!

One of my LOs was featured on this wonderful BLOG recently!

I also posted a NEW LAYOUT featuring these adorable elements from Jacque!! They are so much fun! I LOVE her work because its super easy to resize (she makes it large enough that the quality is amazing!), and you can have a lot of fun with blending to make her elements even MORE versatile!

Image clickable!!

Plus its only $2! You can't beat that!!!!
Here is a LO I did with this adorable element pack!
Photo by Rachel Whetzel!
All other credits here

Thanks for putting up with all this TALK about ME while the family is outta town! LOL You must be getting board outta your mind! Dont worry they will be back tomorrow! :) :) :)

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