Sunday, September 9, 2007

Cider Squeeeeeeeeeeeze

Welcome back to Washington, the apple state! We went to a cider squeeze today and OH WAS it so much fun!!!!!! The city of University Place has an apple orchard, private people are allowed to 'adopt' apple trees in the farm, keep it up and have access to the apples from their tree. The city also has their own trees and once a year they host a cider squeeze. At 1pm they open their gates and its a free for all for the apples on the ground for those wanting a less physical adventure you can also purchase a large bag of apples for $5. You then take them to the washing station, then to the pressing station to make your own cider. Thats how the event is SUPPOSED to go. We didn't arrive until about 3:30 and you can imagine all the free apples (on the ground) and all the bags of apples were gone. Never fear, Brad is here! Who is Brad you may ask, he is a KIND man with the Parks department and when he saw Jadens face when they said they were sold out he promptly took us aside with assurance he knew where a secret stash may be. We hiked up a hill behind a fence, no apples, around to the front of the orchard, no apples, back in the corner, no apples, he was not giving up on us. He loudly announced " I am with the Parks department" as he started picking the apples off the trees lol.... "these would come right off in a wind storm, so really I am doing these people a favor". HE was great! Thanks Brad! 30 apples later we were ready to wash the apples for pressing. Jaden LOVED pressing the apples into juice.
1 hour of gathering apples
45 mins of listening to Brads adventures as an employee of the Parks Department
1 washing
$1 for the jug to put the apples in
30 mins of Jaden pressing apples
= 3/4 quarts of raw apple juice...

Jaden couldn't be happier!!! Tomorrow we are going to boil it to pasteurize it! Wish us luck!

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