Saturday, November 17, 2007


I have started taking this class @ the Y with my friend Stephanie. Its A LOT of fun.. but I really need to know how I was allowed on the cheerleading & dance squad! I HAVE NO RHYTHM!!! None what so ever... maybe I lost it when I had my children? To many dances to Barney to constitute any REAL rhythm back into my system. This class is a mix oh high speed salsa, and aerobics . Its a BLAST and I am in my own happy bliss the entire class as I go the exact opposite of everyone else the room. Its a very diverse group of people in the class. Some AMAZING dancers!!! Whenever I need to feel a little better about my movements I just look over @ the straight men and know I am ok! The gay men? Oh please they show up the instructor!

Okay on to pictures! One day on our way to church I locked myself out! Yes again! WHAT? Luckily Daddy was only minutes away. What shall we do? PHOTO SESSION!!!!

Here is Jaden on Friday at the Thanksgiving Fest her class hosted

And Addy @ the Y.. she will forgive me one day right?

Okay all enjoy your THANKSGIVING!!!! I am so thankful for each and every one of you!

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