Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New found addiction

Over thanksgiving break I had decided to innocently pick up some new software. I say innocently only because I had no idea how much FUN I would have with it. This software opened me up to the endless world of digital scrapbooking. Its a dangerous place and you have to be careful of its temptations, always remember time flies when you are creating memories on the computer! I am still very new @ this new found world but here are a couple things I have learned so far....

1. To call it "Digital Scrapbooking" only points out the mere freshman existence you find yourself in. The correct and only term thou shall use is "Digi scraping" apparently with all the time we absorb in creating, the extra couple letters in the title were holding us back.

2. "Digi scraping" is competitive. Period. Competitions, challenges, and creations.. the 3 C's that can put any well intentioned scrapper in the dust!

I still have much territory to discover in this uncharted land .. will post as I learn more !


Jonathan said...

They look good hunny! You should do one for our cruz that would be fun right? Love ya keep it up!

Jonathan <>><

Toni said...

Wow eee. I am jealous. Are you going to teach me how to do this???? BTW, I am almost dones with my candles for the Rossi's for Xmas.....they are turning out so coo! I will send you a photo!!